Applying Professional Kanban (APK )

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The Course

In 2-day Applying Kanban class,you will learn the basic principles of flow and how to use them to make your team process more efficient, predictable, and effective.  With an emphasis on the practical application of concepts, this course includes many hands-on exercises that will lead you through the steps of setting up and operating a Kanban system for continuous value delivery and improvement.

The course content covers content in the following areas:

Explain the basic principles of flow

Describe the value of WIP limits

Create a visual board to manage your work

Explain why flow should be focused on value delivery

Define, build, operate and continuously improve a Kanban system

Certification Assessments

After taking the course, you will have an opportunity to validate that you understand core Kanban topics. We will invite you to take an online assessment(PK 1) that evaluates your understanding and provides you with guidance on areas to improve. This exclusive assessment is only available to class participants.

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