5 Must-Read Books according to Venkatesh Rajamani

Indulge in an adventure this holiday season with the captivating suggestion from  Venkatesh Rajamani, founder of tryScrum

Indulge in an adventure this holiday season with the captivating suggestion from  Venkatesh Rajamani, founder of tryScrum. As you plan your beach getaways, mountain expeditions, or moments of tranquility, consider immersing yourself in the enriching world. Presented here is a curated list of ‘5 Must Read Books, a recommendation from Venkatesh Rajamani’—a collection that guarantees to infuse your holidays with introspection, engagement, and an unforgettable literary escape. Whether you are enticed by his prose, the depth of his storytelling, or the vibrant cultural tapestry he brings to life, these books serve as your gateway to a holiday season brimming with literary delight.

“Smart Choice” By John S. Hammond, Ralph L. Keeney, and Howard Raiffa (2002)

This book is a classic that delves into the quantitative aspects of decision-making. It’s a read. It serves as a great starting point for exploring this broad subject. The authors don’t dictate what choices to make. Guide you on how to approach decision-making. The methods they present have stood the test of time. The process itself is straightforward. The key lies in identifying decisions that align with your long-term values, goals, and beliefs. Decisions impact our lives, whether selecting a life partner, pursuing a career path, or even buying a home. Can we ever be certain that we’re making the right choice? These esteemed professors from MIT, Harvard, and the University of Southern California enlighten us on how to tackle problems so that we can make decisions based on reasoning.

The Network is Your Customer:

Five Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age (2011)

David Rogers

“The Network Is Your Customer: Five Strategies to Succeed in the Digital Era” is a business book by David L. Rogers and released in 2011. This book’s core focus revolves around technology’s influence on businesses and how companies can adapt and flourish in this new era.

Rogers highlights the importance of acknowledging the power of networks in today’s interconnected world, where consumers are increasingly linked through networks. To thrive in this landscape, businesses must embrace these networks as assets. The book outlines five strategies companies should adopt to succeed amidst this transformation.

“Clear Thinking” by Shane Parrish

“Clear Thinking,” by Shane Parrish, is a resource for honing decision-making abilities and sharpening thinking skills. This insightful book delves into models and cognitive biases, offering practical strategies to improve clarity of thought. It emphasizes the significance of refining our frameworks, becoming aware of our biases, and ultimately making choices. What I genuinely appreciate about Parrish’s work is the emphasis on learning and nurturing curiosity. In essence, “Clear Thinking” guides cultivating a deliberate and effective thinking process in various aspects of our lives.

Arguing for Organizational Advantage

Jesper B. Sørensen, Glenn R. Carroll

“Arguing for Organizational Advantage” by Jesper B. Sørensen and Glenn R. Carroll explores companies’ use of communication and persuasion to gain an edge. The book dives into the role of rhetoric and communication in shaping organizations’ outcomes. It emphasizes the importance of debates and arguments within companies to achieve advantages. By drawing on research and real-life examples, Sørensen and Carroll provide insights into how persuasive communication ultimately affects strategic positioning and how organizational decision-making dynamics are influenced by compelling communication. In summary, this book examines how effective argumentation can contribute to achieving success at a level.

The Culture Map by “Erin Meyer.”

“The Culture Map” offers a comprehensive framework for understanding cultural differences in various business contexts. Erin Meyer introduces eight scales representing key dimensions of cultural variation, including communication styles, leadership approaches, and decision-making processes. Drawing on extensive research and real-world examples, the book helps readers identify and bridge cultural gaps, fostering effective collaboration and communication in multicultural environments. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of global business and build successful cross-cultural relationships.

There are numerous books recommended by tryScrum. We encourage you to pick up one and give it a read. Share your thoughts with us—let us know how you found the book!

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Venkatesh Rajamani is an award-winning Coaching leader with several years of experience delivering working software in short, feedback-driven cycles. He has helped organizations adopt agile software delivery practices, including large banking, payments, telecom, and product organizations. He founded tryScrum.com in 2018 to execute his mission of Humanizing Organizations. He is the world’s first to hold together CST, CEC, CTC, PST, PKT, Path to CSP Educator, CAL-Educator, and ACS-Educator. He loves reading books, traveling, and public speaking. Venkatesh received his BE from Anna University in Chennai and his MBA from the University of Madras. Master of Science from Nexford, and He is a PhD scholar at the Girne American University. He has been rated the Top Voice on Linkedin under Leadership and Agile.

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