How can the Certified Agile Leader program build an aligned leadership team in your Organization?

Discover how the Certified Agile Leader Program can transform your organisation by aligning your leadership team towards a common goal.

A strong leadership team is crucial for success in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment. An aligned leadership team can help organisations navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and achieve goals. One way to build such a team is through alignment. The Certified Agile Leader Program provides leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead in an agile and adaptive manner.

What is the Certified Agile Leader Program?

The Certified Agile Leader Program is a certification program offered by tryBusinessAgility, Accredited by the Scrum Alliance, a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing agile principles and practices. The program is designed to help leaders develop a deep understanding of the agile way of working and principles on how to apply them in their organisations. The program consists of two levels: the Certified Agile Leader I (CAL I), now replaced by three tracks ( CAL-E, CAL-O and CAL-T) and the Certified Agile Leader II (CAL II). The CAL I focuses on the fundamentals of agile leadership, while the CAL II focuses on advanced leadership skills and techniques.

Why is an Aligned Leadership Team Important?

An aligned leadership team is essential for achieving organisational goals, promoting innovation, and maintaining a positive organisational culture. When leadership is aligned, it creates a sense of purpose and direction for the entire organisation. Aligned leaders can work together to make informed decisions, solve problems, and drive change. This culture of collaboration and teamwork is essential for success in today’s complex business environment.

QUOTE: “Great leaders are willing to sacrifice their interests for the good of the team.” – John Wooden

How can the Certified Agile Leader program help build an aligned leadership team?

i. Develop a Common Understanding of Agile Principles

One of the key benefits of the Certified Agile Leader Program is that it provides a common understanding of agile principles and practices. By completing the program, leaders in your organisation will have a shared language and understanding of agile concepts. This can help align the team’s goals and priorities and enable them to work together more effectively.

ii. Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Agile principles emphasise the importance of continuous improvement and learning. By completing the Certified Agile Leader Program, your leadership team will learn how to foster a culture of continuous improvement and encourage experimentation and innovation. This can help your organisation stay ahead and adapt to changing market conditions.

iii. Improve Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration and communication are essential for building an aligned leadership team. The Certified Agile Leader Program teaches leaders how to improve collaboration and communication to help teams work cohesively and ensure everyone is on the same page.

iv. Enable Faster Decision-Making

Agile emphasises the importance of making fast, data-driven decisions. By completing the Certified Agile Leader Program, leaders in your organisation will learn how to make decisions more quickly and effectively. This can help your organisation respond to changes in the market and take advantage of new opportunities.

V. Enhance Customer Focus

One of the benefits of embracing Agile Methods is that it promotes customer-centricity and feedback. The Certified Agile Leader Program will help your leadership team learn to focus on the customer and prioritise their needs. It can help your organisation develop products and services that puts customer needs and preferences over plan-driven development.

Measuring the Success of An Aligned Leadership Team

Measuring the success of an aligned leadership team can be a subjective task, but some key indicators can help determine whether the team is successful. Though we are not a fan of KPI, Here are some metrics that could be used to measure the success of an aligned leadership team:

i. Achievement of Goals:

A key indicator of success for an aligned leadership team is whether they have achieved their goals. This includes not only financial targets but also strategic objectives, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and other key performance indicators.

ii. Employee Engagement: Another Critical Metric is employee Engagement.

If the leadership team is aligned, this should be reflected in the engagement and motivation of employees. Surveys, focus groups, and other feedback forms can be used to measure employee engagement.

iii. Communication: Communication effectiveness within the leadership team is another key metric.

If the team is aligned, they should communicate openly and frequently, sharing information and collaborating on important decisions. Again, team members’ feedback can help measure communication effectiveness.

iv. Trust and Respect:

A successfully aligned leadership team is built on trust and respect.

Trust and respect can be measured through feedback from team members, as well as through the behaviour and actions of the leadership team.

v. Innovation and Adaptability:

Finally, a successfully aligned leadership team should be able to drive innovation and adapt to changes in the business environment.

Overall, measuring the success of an aligned leadership team requires a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics. You can clearly understand your leadership team’s success by focusing on achieving goals, employee engagement, communication, trust and respect, innovation and adaptability.


By investing in the development of your leadership team, you can ensure that your organisation is well-positioned to meet future challenges.

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