Scrum Guide 2020: Scrum Masters are the True Leaders

Scrum Masters are True Leaders

Just take a second to imagine a professional environment where every individual connects and donates their intellectual capacity to the fullest. It’s a place where each person experiences contentment. It’s a workplace that bestows fulfilment too. Then again, the description here seems somewhat booking and way too ideal. Is it possible to create such a working environment? Indeed, it is! If so, then how? With all my experience, I can say that the present leadership archetype can’t do it, even if everything else falls into place. Scrum is an incredibly popular framework, and it tried to fix the problem by returning it unsolved. Sounds confusing, right? The creators tried to fight fire with fire by giving Scrum Master the role of a leader. Now, for ages, many leaders forced their employees through commands, obligation, and conformity. Such leadership strategies won’t work in today’s complex world. So, what is it that requires changing?

Scrum found the perfect answer to this question by not solving the problem. Instead, it lets people solve their own issues. Jeff and Ken redefined and polished the idea of the role of Scrum Master from a “Servant Leader” to a “True Leader” in the 2020 Scrum Guide.

Understanding the concept of a True Leader

What’s the deal with this term, anyway? After all, too many individuals raise their hands whenever someone asks them whether they wish to assume the role of a boss. Who’s the True Leader among them? The only way to answer it is to take a step back and find out: What do True Leaders try to gain? Instead of begging others for support, these people only want to help others find a leg to stand on. A True Leader won’t try to make others go blind by showcasing their brilliance. Instead, this person will act as a reflector of light so that we can see ourselves from an entirely new angle.

Everyone must be a leader – The Rebbe

The distinctiveness of True Leaders

Thinking out loud

Discussing what you think is essential in creating all the differences. It’s the only way to become a servant-leader from an information dispenser. We educate people to give voice to their thoughts so that their subordinates at the workplace can’t resort to assumptions. It also brings transparency and makes the leader trustworthy.

Expanding the space of solutions

Among all the intentions of a True Leader, one, in my view, is to let loose collective intelligence. To do it, it’s crucial to allow the team to disclose their views, thoughts, beliefs, and the things that don’t sit right with them. It’s about creating a safe zone and promoting a continuous buzz of conversation among the members.

Informative authority

Everyone will follow a True Leader without questioning them as long as the person manages to present themselves as a bona fide executor. By giving people more authority, we create better leaders. These people come up with durable mechanisms to create a paradigm shift.

Undoubtedly, donning the skin of a True Leader is extremely challenging but achievable nonetheless. As soon as we make our minds to follow the path before becoming a Scrum Master, I think we can make significant contributions to the world by improving our capabilities. In doing so, we yield results that matter and even become whole by discovering and recreating our belief structure.

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