Top 20 Scrum Master Interview Qusetions

The need for the right blend of Scrum Theory and Complementary Practices is essential.

We got a request from one of our clients to interview and shortlist Scrum Master profiles for their organisation. Why not? We obliged immediately. But we insisted on some autonomy around reframing the JD, roles & responsibilities etc., as we felt we needed to do it systemically rather than just for the sake of doing it. 

One of the reasons for this is the Scrum Master role in job postings torn apart in LinkedIn & job sites. So, I would like to wave a magic wand and change it right away. But, unfortunately, I don’t have one. So I intended to move the needle at least one step in the right direction. 

We got the nod for the change in job postings. 

What’s next? Yes, Interview Questions.

The need for the right blend of Scrum Theory and Complementary Practices is essential. As Scrum’s use is proven valuable and spread beyond software product development, the questions we add here are indicators and not an entire list. 

Scrum Master Interview
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Let’s get into some of the most common questions. 

The Why’s of Scrum

  1. Scrum is a framework to address complex problems. What makes a problem complex? What are the complex issues? 
  2. Is scrum needed for Agile?  If yes, why? If no, why not?
  3. There is a lot of fuss about the need for the right mindset to implement Scrum. So what is needed here?
  4. Given a chance to pick two Scrum Values as most important, what values would you choose and why?
  5. What is required to start Implementing Scrum?

Scrum Master Accountability & Services

  1. What is a Self-managing team? How to achieve it?
  2. How does a Scrum Master enable the Scrum team’s progress?
  3. Scrum Masters’ one of the services is to serve the organisation. So in what way can he/she help the organisation?
  4. Scrum Master is a process focus. If so, doesn’t scrum master focus on Individuals?
  5. Can a Scrum Master help in maximising the value of the product? If so, how? 
  6. In a Scrum team, Scrum Master is also a Developer. Is it acceptable?
  7. What is the difference between a Project Manager and a Scrum Master?
  8. What is the role of Scrum Master in Scrum Events?

Scrum Master Stances

  1. The Product Owner seeks help in predicting the work done by the Developers. How can you help?
  2. The Stakeholders seek help delivering all the functionality within a specific timeline to take first-mover advantage in the market. Also, he conveys no more budget to scale teams. How do you help?
  3. Can velocity be used for measusring success of teams? If so how?
  4. Management is looking for a checklist for the Scrum Implementation. Give some example checklists.
  5. How do you handle conflict in the Scrum team?
  6. A Scrum team constantly misses delivering the committed scope in the sprints; how to help them?
  7. How to handle sceptics & political people?

An Additional topping

  • Biggest failure as SM?

To conclude, I would like to stress that it is a leadership role. It demands a blend of Skills & Traits. Stay tuned to know it in my next blog.

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