What is a Common Misconception About Agile And DevOps?

Agile and DevOps are designed to deliver faster and sustainable value.

Misconceptions are related to a lack of knowledge and data about the concepts. Isn’t it?. 

Though DevOps and Agile is a widely prevalent practice, it is frequently misunderstood. So let’s begin concentrating on what these concepts are up to.

Agile and DevOps are designed to deliver faster and more sustainable value. They both provide better collaboration between teams, plus both are designed to help you achieve faster and more streamlined releases. Because of their similarities, they are often considered the same. However, comparing them is unnecessary and inaccurate because these concepts are entirely different.

On the other hand, Agile and DevOps are methodologies, a misconception in itself.

Usually, Organisations use DevOps and Agile to deliver, sustain and accelerate frequent product increments. These two suit when combined leads to effective outcomes.

Let’s see some misconceptions about the differences between agile vs DevOps.

Agile and DevOps are the Same

To streamline the development and release process, Agile and DevOps both help, although they are not synonymous. 

Agile in itself is a mindset for adaptability. The Development teams to embrace agility use different frameworks, methods and processes. One of the most popular frameworks to embrace agility is Scrum.  

DevOps in itself is a philosophy. Total culture change for your company is required for DevOps. 

Agile and DevOps is a journey
Agile and DevOps is a journey

In agile, the teams focus on delivering working software or real value continuously, from weeks to months. Like, software development is done in a well-defined series of short and repeatable processes. Each aspect of software development – Coding, testing, and deployment is performed in small cycles to identify and fix issues quickly.

On the other hand, the DevOps principles promote development teams and operations teams to work together. Moreover, DevOps specifies several tools and procedures—including programmable infrastructure deployment, automation, and iterative software development—to support companies moving to smooth working between development and operations.

It was pretty clear from its definitions that Agile and DevOps are similar but not the same things. Yes, they compliment each other but loud and clear, they aren’t the same.

Agile and DevOps are Purchasable Technologies

Most organisations want to purchase an off-the-shelf technique to implement Agile and DevOps. But this scenario is impossible. Although some tools and frameworks can help you achieve Agile and DevOps goals, these principles demand a broad mindset and culture change. That isn’t possible with purchase and installation.

Agile demands you to review and restructure your whole software development process.

Plus, implementation demands strategising, training, and open and frequent communication.

Unless your company culture shifts to prioritise the agile principles, the purchased tech or tools for achieving the goal won’t do any good.

Agile Values
Picture Credit – Atlassian

On the other hand, similar to Agile, the DevOps practice is holistic, which requires a full-company shift for development and IT operations. So before implementing technologies like IaC(infrastructure-as-code), tools and automation, you first have to get your whole organisation with the DevOps philosophy onboard. And in your organisation, everyone needs to understand the importance and benefits of automation, collaboration and continuous delivery so that they can work together to achieve DevOps goals.

DevOps enable Agility

One of the fundamental principles of DevOps is quicker software delivery, which is also associated with agile. Therefore, many teams embracing Agile in their software development utilise continuous integration/deployment practices and DevOps goals. However, Agile isn’t needed for DevOps as it is also utilised in plan-driven environments.

DevOps Replaces Agile

Saying that Agile can replace DevOps will be like replacing choco pie with ice cream. Yes, both of them work tremendously individually, but they work even better together. Moreover, it is easier to get started with the Agile implementation and gradually adopt the DevOps principles and practise them to make your organisation ready.

Concluding thoughts

Agile and DevOps support similar goals and always complement each other. If Agile is an engine for speed and adaptability, DevOps add more turbo and stability to it. 

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